Tim Luce and Miguel Avila

Tim’s Story …

Sam, my son, was born on October 19, 1987. When Sam was young, I called and followed all the children I could find who were mildly affected. I wanted hope and was trying to see what our life would be like with Sam. We were Regional Coordinators for Washington and held gatherings at our home. We have attended many conventions in the past. I want to offer that hope to new parents in the CdLS comunity.

Sam lives in a group home and works as a supported employee at Microsoft on the main campus. He can take the bus by himself and has flown to California alone. He can’t make change for a dollar but can use his debit card. He swims Special Olympics and regularly makes State. He has no medical issues but does wear hearing aids. He loves to go or do anything. We bowl every week, and I must try with all my might to have a win. He likes cornhole and Yahtzee (if we help him count)!

Sam is very quiet and doesn’t talk much. When he does, he can carry a conservation. He comes home every Sunday. Sam is number two of four siblings and is loved by them.

Miguel’s Story …

I am Sam’s Manager at Café 34; we are delighted to have him working with us. He is so kind and well-mannered. All our guests and team members love Sam! Sam is a busser for our café at Microsoft, and his duties include wiping down tables and chairs, stocking napkins, and folding pizza boxes. He is a great team player, happy to help with any task asked of him. Sam is very dependable and reliable. He has impeccable time clock skills – clocking in and out at precisely the same time every day. We monitor all time clock errors, and Sam has the best record of all our associates!

Sam continues to grow socially. I love to hear his stories about his swim meets and going to Dick’s Drive-In on the weekends. I could go on and talk about Sam and how much we enjoy having him on our team.

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