It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved Gulmina. Where she used to be there is a hole in the world which we find ourselves walking around in the day and falling in at night. Gulmina was born on October 28, 1989 in Chicago, Illinois. She passed away on August 15th, 2020, unexpectedly, just shy of her 31st birthday. She took her last breath in the arms of our mother. She was brave, resilient, and persevered through so many obstacles. Though she faced a myriad of challenges- she faced them with resilience and fortitude that inspired all who knew her.

She took great pleasure in drinking Coke and cranberry juice. She enjoyed eating cream cheese, hummus, yogurt, peanut butter, and white rice. Gulmina was an avid music listener. She spent her days watching music videos. She took comfort in laying in our mother’s lap while she gently patted her and soothed her. She also enjoyed spending her afternoons in the park with her mom. She frequently looked over magazines. Gulmina took joy in hearing and creating squeaky sounds by dragging her finger along the glossy paper. This always brought a smile to her face, and to ours.

Although she was nonverbal, she always found a way to communicate what she wanted by taking your hand and pointing to it. When she was very happy, we’d always- know because she would spin around in circles and make a unique sound with her mouth. We will miss that sound. It will forever echo in our home.

Our family will never be the same without her. We will miss her infectious smile and laughter. She was our angel, and we were so blessed to have the privilege and honor of caring for her and loving her. We wait for the day to be reunited with her. We wait for the day to see her beautiful face and hear her footsteps once more.

Gulmina is preceded in death by her older sister and father. She is survived by her mother, her sister, her brothers, and her nieces and nephews. Our hearts bleeds for her and longs for her. She was our light. A light that will never be dimmed. Our love for her is everlasting.

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