The CdLS Foundation and community have had the privilege of having Dr. Carol Potter as part of our family for over 20 years. Her insight, knowledge, and compassion have enhanced our mission of ensuring individuals living with CdLS and their families are cared for and heard.  

With her abundance of medical knowledge, she has been a powerful influence in the world of CdLS. She has been a part of the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB), addressing questions from families, providing guidance, and addressing Ask the Expert submissions in her area of expertise. 

Over her 20+ years with the Foundation, she has participated in conferences by providing consultations and presenting workshops. She has traveled to many states to attend family gatherings and support families as they navigate learning about CdLS and sharing her insights and expertise. 

Whenever she doesn’t travel for the Foundation, she often has provided articles for Reaching Out, participated in creating new documents for families to get the best care for their children, such as, the Treatment Guidelines, critical care info, etc., and executed webinars when the Foundation was early providing these to families. 

She has also recruited Raul (Rudy) Sanchez to take her place on the Clinical Advisory Board when she retires.   

Thank you, Dr. Potter, for your many years of Reaching Out, Providing Help, and Giving Hope to the thousands of lives you’ve helped.  

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