Planning on hosting on a virtual trivia fundraiser for Awareness Day? Use this helpful guide to have a smooth and fun night with friends and family.

4-6 Weeks Before Event:
  1. Choose a date and time for the event.
  2. Contact Annette Scheidecker to set up a fundraising page.
  3. Once any special guests are confirmed and the date and time are finalized, prepare the marketing materials for your event.
      • You will need:
        • Title of the event
        • Description of the event (2-3 sentences)
        • Date and time
  4. Set up a Zoom meeting. We recommend requiring registration, then using the registration form as your single RSVP form.
  5. Send a save-the-date by email, and share on social.
3 Weeks Out:
  1. Create a working doc to prepare a draft agenda/run-of-show for the event.
  2. Convene a planning meeting with everyone involved in planning the event, including those with speaking roles and Zoom Bouncers. Finalize the agenda and clarify speaking roles.
  3. Zoom Bouncers should also convene separately to:
      • Ensure that account and meeting settings are correct
      • Clarify who will have Host and Co-Host permissions
      • Run through Zoombombing scenarios
  4.  Continue promoting your event through personal 1:1 outreach and social media.
1 Week Out:
  1. Send another invitation email and continue with social media and personal recruitment.
1 Day Out:
  1. Send a reminder email the day before the event.
Day Of The Event
  1. Send reminder texts the morning of the event.
  2. Hosts and Co-Hosts must join the call at least 15 minutes early so that Hosts can designate Co-Hosts. If there will be screen sharing, ensure that Host is comfortable with that.
  3. When the official event begins, make sure to welcome people as they join, and thank them for joining.
  4. It’s showtime! Start about 2 minutes after the official start time so that folks have time to settle in.
  5. Don’t forget the ask! Share the Donately link directly and repeatedly with attendees in the Zoom chat box.
  6. And don’t forget to take a screenshot, or selfie with your screen—make sure you’re using Gallery View so you can see everyone.
  7. Then share it with us so we can amplify your work!
1-3 Days Later:
  1. Include the final total raised in a recap to all attendees to thank them for participating. Invite them to the next event on the calendar, and ask them to bring a friend!
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