Recently, we learned the sad news that LAIRD JACKSON – the CdLS Foundation’s first medical director passed away. Before the founding of our beloved Foundation there was the Reaching Out newsletter. Those early pioneers sent out a request to the medical community asking for help to better understand the little-known genetic disorder of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. One man answered the call – Dr. Laird Jackson.

Dr. Jackson was dedicated in his efforts to not only understand the genetic causes of CdLS, he was equally interested in pursuing what complications led to the death of those with the condition. He published many articles and unselfishly shared his research in pursuit of that understanding.

Dr. Jackson’s passion for teaching others about CdLS was contagious. He mentored two important figures in our community – Drs. Ian Krantz and Tonie Kline. Dr. Krantz is a leading clinician and researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Dr. Kline among her many other accomplishments, went on to succeed Dr. Jackson as the Foundation’s second medical director.
Perhaps, Dr. Jackson’s greatest legacy is the love, care and hope he provided for so many in those early years. We offer the family and his many friends our deepest condolences.

To read Laird’s obituary click here.

Bonnie Royster, Executive Director
CdLS Foundation

P.S. For those wishing to send a note of condolence to the family – the address:
Marie Jackson
2601 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit 906
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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