A place for all of your loved ones who are still with us each and every day.

Andrew Schwalbe

Our son Andrew, like so many other CdLS children had multiple physical and cognitive challenges to deal with in his life. As he got older, keeping him safe became a 24x7 job. Managing his life, was a time consuming, logistically complicated, and sometimes frustrating...

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Jeremiah Aaron Caudillo

Jeremiah was a little guy so full of life and energy and charisma. He charmed everyone, leaving a lasting impression on every single person he came in contact with. When Mick and I first met Jeremiah, our lives were changed forever as we were immediately spell bound...

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Ryan O’Connell

Ryan was a survivor from Day 1. He was like my little Duracell Battery. The doctor’s told us when he was born that he probably wouldn’t live to be a teenager. He survived numerous pneumonia’s, surgeries, and hospitalizations and always bounced back to his normal happy...

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Marcaylin Edelbrock

Our girl was a happy, giggly 4 year old. Her smile made the sun rise each morning. When anyone got hurt, she was first on the scene, trying to administer first aid. Marcaylin loved playing with her puppy Kiss and being outside. She loved horses, babies, and anything...

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Megan Ramsey

Megan loved her life and all the people in it. In her 35 years, she never met a stranger and she always made sure that those she loved knew it! Megan lived in a group home that was part of a larger community and attended a day program where she was referred to as "the...

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G. Alexander Black

“Alex” LIVED 22 years. He rocked our world and changed our lives from the moment he entered it. His legacy of influencing our behavior continues beyond death. We are just better people because of him. His smile and laughter, and his love of music, books, ketchup, food...

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Honoring all of those who have passed away.