Our beautiful Angel got to see the face of God on February 5th 2020. We were so blessed to have her 38 years! She fought a long hard battle for three weeks but God called her home. She was definitely the light and strength of our family. She adored her brother Paul and three nieces Lilly, Nora and Stella. Risha our beautiful daughter-in-law as well. She also adored her care giver Kica. Being with all of us is what made her most happy. She was definitely a daddy’s girl. Our hearts are broken but knowing where she is right now makes us all smile with joy for her. We can only imagine all the wonderful things she is doing right now. We will always miss her we loved her every second of her beautiful life! Now we look forward to someday seeing her again so we can all be together laughing and smiling in the one place we are all meant to be! We love you baby girl and miss you so very much until we all meet again you are in our hearts forever! Love You, Mom & Dad

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