Jessica was a perfectly wonderful little human being. She had a smile that melted my heart. It was unconditional love that bonded us forever. With the odds stacked against her, Jessica had to try much harder than “regular” folks to communicate and be understood. She/we were fluent in sign language. Jessica loved walking with our dog Wyatt, blowing bubbles and listening to music. She enjoyed helping cook and clean. Vanilla ice cream was one of her favorite things to eat. Jessica loved swimming, water sprinklers and having her nails polished. It was a joy reading to/with Jessica. She had beautiful handwriting and words she couldn’t spell on her own, she copied from example. She would copy everything on a cereal box in no time flat! Considered non-verbal, she vocalized and signed words like “Momma, dog, cat, siblings names” and counted numbers. She liked to paint, draw and color. Jessica gave me purpose and meaning to my life. She was my daughter yes but, she really was my very best friend. All it would have taken was just a little patience and Jessica would still be with me. Today, January 28, 2022 marks the date four years ago of the fatal incident that took her life. Jessica passed away January 31, 2018, just a week after celebrating her thirty-fifth birthday. Jessica is missed immeasurably. Life will never be the same without her. – Regina Doherty

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