Bossy, laughing, demanding, curious, maddening, funny…Jared was all of these things and many more. For 38 years, we had this gift from God living with us. Some days, we thought life couldn’t get worse, some day, we soared through the air with joy! Our life was a roller coaster but from Jared’s perspective, life was always a wonder. IVs, tubes, medical procedures, behavior management plans, cranky parents…Jared took them all in stride and enjoyed life. He woke up each day ready to do whatever came next. His joy in life was contagious and his strength in persevering was inspiring. We miss you, Jared, we miss playing Legos and watching movies. Jared loved his family, even when he wasn’t in the same room as them! Family and friends were an endless form of entertainment for him. Thank you, God, for 38 was a beautiful journey, Love, Mom and Dad Jamie and Jonathan

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