Hi my name is Blake Lee Remmer-Crutcher. I was born with a heart defect on January 22, 2000, one day earlier than expected. We didn’t know what syndrome I had until I was about 3 years old & that syndrome was CdLS (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome). I was developmentally delayed with other complications within the Syndrome. I was also very highly intelligent on the Asperger’s spectrum. Throughout my life, my mommy took great care of me the best she knew how on her own & taught me how to overcome my fears. I loved & was an expert on trains especially Lionel. I loved watching cartoons too. My favorites were SpongeBob & Ed, Edd & Eddy. I loved macaroni salad too & Dr Pepper.   I always told my mom not to forget these things at the grocery store. My first car was a yellow kid size VW which later became my toy box!  I lived to be 19 years old just under a month shy of my 20th birthday. Apparently no one knows the cause of my death or so they claim.
Someday my mom will get that answer. I pray someone legally helps her with that. I’m resting in Heaven with my dad Ronnie L. Remmer and 2 cats, Oliver and Tootsie. The cats were 17 & 20 years old when they passed away. I have a funny joke for ya. What did the momma duck say to her baby duck when he told her a joke? LOL. “”You Quack me up!””

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