A lot of people think that it requires a distinctive or special type of family to raise a child with special needs but that’s far from the truth. In all actuality, it is that child that creates the “special” family. I know this is true because Nikki was that child for us. She created our special family…

Nikki was like no other child, and I do not say that because of her disabilities and differences. I say that because she touched, moved, and changed people like no other person I’ve ever seen before. Nikki did this simply though her strength and fortitude, her captivating smile and looks she gave, though her heart and the way she loved unconditionally. And it didn’t matter if you had only seen pictures of her and/or followed her story via social media, or if you knew her well and were close to her, either way she had the same effect on everyone and left a lifelong lasting impression. Nikki somehow possessed the ability to touch other people’s heart like I have never seen before.

Despite her obvious disabilities, Nikki was just like every other child and there wasn’t anything that could slow her down. She was a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a granddaughter and of course so much more. Nikki was sweet, caring, and loving. She was curious, and of course mischievous. Nikki was a small and petite girl but at the same time she was mighty and powerful. She was fearless and adventurous. With Nikki, it was never a dull moment. She loved going to our family camp during the summers, 4 wheeling, and anything else outdoors. Nikki loved school and loved her friends. She may have been a little bit of a tomboy, but was the biggest diva, always being the “best dressed” in her class.

When Nikki’s journey finally came to an end, our journey changed. Throughout her ENTIRE life we were under the impression, and truly believed, that Nikki was given to us for the sole purpose of teaching her and helping her learn. But in the end, it was her who single handedly taught our entire family, what the true definition of LOVE, FAITH, and HOPE really are… We love you Nik-Nik and always will <3

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