Natalie was a joyful and radiant child. When she was born, her doctors did not anticipate her living long. She defied this prognosis, and lived five very vibrant years with her loving family. Born to Jane and Arsalan, Natalie was the 5th of 9 children in the Nikzad family. Natalie had an infectious laugh, and people were naturally drawn to her. She loved eating food, although she barely gained any weight! Natalie loved being outdoors and playing in the sandbox, sitting in her kiddie pool, and being on the teeter totters that her daddy made. She loved Mickey Mouse, playing pat-a-cake with mommy, and playing with her siblings. Natalie never learned to walk on her own, but she was an active child, always crawling around the house and pulling herself up along furniture. Natalie passed away on November 8, 1993.

Natalie never knew a stranger, and she shared the gift of her happiness with everyone she met. Natalie’s five years on this earth were filled with much love from her family and friends. She inspired many people with her authentic joy, her resilience, and her incredible zest for life. Natalie’s memory and legacy live on through her family, who remain involved with the CdLS Foundation.

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