Megan loved her life and all the people in it. In her 35 years, she never met a stranger and she always made sure that those she loved knew it! Megan lived in a group home that was part of a larger community and attended a day program where she was referred to as “the mayor”. The title suited her well. She loved assisting other residents and being part of every little thing that was going on around her. Megan didn’t let her limitations define her life – she worked around them and made the best of each day. Megan had many issues but she soldiered through with strength and grace. Music defined Megan’s days and her feet couldn’t stop moving when the right song started to play. She even loved “car dancing” and more than a few times got the driver next to our car at a traffic light dancing along with her. We certainly laughed a lot and the world was surely a better place with Megan in it!

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