Our girl was a happy, giggly 4 year old. Her smile made the sun rise each morning. When anyone got hurt, she was first on the scene, trying to administer first aid. Marcaylin loved playing with her puppy Kiss and being outside. She loved horses, babies, and anything her big sis loved. Carys had just learned to read, and seeing them sitting side by side, while Carys read to Marcaylin, is one of our most treasured memories.

Marcaylin and Carys were both diagnosed with mild CdLS. Marcaylin had her first seizure at 21 months, which would turn into a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Our lives changed from then on. Marcaylin had meds every morning, every night and blood draws were common. She endured seizures where she stopped breathing, emergency meds and ambulance rides. Through it all, her smile and bright blue eyes remained happy and her hugs warm.

Our girl captured hearts everywhere she went. Her infectious laughter is missed and our home is too quiet. We went to get her up for preschool May 17, 2018 and she was gone. SUDEP had claimed our beautiful girl while she slept. We continue to try to raise awareness of CdLS and Epilepsy in her memory.

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