Adults with CdLS

Connect with Peers

Connecting with peers provides adults with CdLS the opportunity to gain mutual support, provide information share resources and even build friendships.

If you would like to connect with other adults with CdLS, call 800.753.2357.

The CdLS Empowerment Team

The CdLS Empowerment Team is a group of high functioning individuals with CdLS, 18 years old and older. The group was developed by the CdLS Foundation to create a place where adults can come together to support and empower one ​another. The team encourages members to socialize and develop relationships across the country through different opportunities. Team members are encouraged to participate in a group of their peers to assist in the development of resources specific to the needs identified by the adults with CdLS community.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert allows users to email their questions for response from experts in the fields of medicine, therapy and education.

Our Ask the Expert service allows users to email their questions for response from members of our Clinical Advisory Board, Professional Development Committee and Education Advisory Group.