Submit Your Question to the CdLS Experts

For parents and caregivers of individuals with CdLS, concerns often arise in regards to the well-being of their loved one.

Our Ask the Expert form allows members of our community to email their questions to members of our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). Whether you are seeking assurance about your child’s development or guidance on how to talk to family members about the syndrome – no question is too big or small to ask.

If you are deeply troubled by a particular issue or event, or are in need of a more immediate response, please contact the Foundation at 800.753.2357. By doing so, you will be put in touch with the voice of a caring social work professional who is willing to listen to and answer your questions.

Legal Disclaimer:  Please take note that the CdLS-USA Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Board is comprised of volunteer professionals in various areas of focus. Response times may vary and a response is not guaranteed. Answers, including those of CAB, to Ask the Expert questions are not considered a medical, behavioral, or educational consultation. Ask the Expert is not a substitute for the care and attention you or your child’s personal physician, psychologist, educational consultant, or social worker can deliver.