Dress Down for CdLS

Get comfy for a good cause. It’s simple to raise funds and awareness for the CdLS Foundation by organizing a Dress Down Day in your workplace. It’s fun, easy and gets everyone in the group involved. We will provide everything you need to make this day a success.

About Dress Down Day

Ask your workplace to host a Dress Down Day.

Distribute flyers to advertise the event. Employees who wish to participate make a $5 donation and are allowed to dress down for work on the designated day. Proceeds benefit the CdLS Foundation.

It’s that simple!

How do I request Dress Down Day for CdLS materials?  

Send an email to the Foundation stating that you would like to host a Dress Down Day. We will send you stickers for all participating employees, information on CdLS and a return envelope to send in your donations.

Email requests should be submitted to the CdLS Foundation no later than two weeks prior to your event.