Scientific & Educational Symposium

Since 2004, the Foundation has sponsored a symposium in conjunction with its biennial national family conference.

The CdLS Foundation’s National CdLS Scientific and Educational Symposium occurs biennially prior to the National Family Conference. It brings together physicians in various clinical disciplines, scientific researchers, allied health professionals including early intervention therapists and genetic counselors, and teachers to address and learn about clinical and research aspects of Cornelia de Lange syndrome. 

Through lectures, panel forum and formal discussions, attendees will learn about medical and educational issues facing individuals with the syndrome, findings that can impact the individuals affected and their families, as well as an update on current basic science advances in cohesin biology and related genetic entities. Animal models used to study CdLS and applications of this work including the search for treatments will be discussed. There will be a focus on behavioral issues, how they affect the individual and family, and potential management. 


Learn About Symposium 

The 10th Biennial Scientific & Educational Symposium on Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and Cohesin will open on March 8, 2022! 

Symposium brings together new and seasoned researchers to present and publish current and new information related to CdLS and broaden their collective knowledge.

This prestigious two day event precedes the Foundation’s biennial National Family Conference. Having the two conferences back-to-back provides a rare and inspiring opportunity for researchers to interact with the real people they are trying to help.

Call for Abstracts 

The one to two day meeting features talks by leading researchers on the molecular and cellular functions of cohesin, and the clinical and educational aspects of CdLS. This meeting encourages interactions between basic scientists and clinicians.

Deadline to submit abstracts: MARCH 1, 2022

Submitted abstracts determine the platform talks. Abstracts should be one page, with one inch margins in Times New Roman font size 12. Print names and affiliations after the abstract title. Applications from research fellows, students, women, and minorities are encouraged.

Submit abstracts & questions: Amy Kimball, or call 443.849.3012.