Logo Usage and Branding

Our brand identity is the representation of the CdLS Foundation’s reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths and passions. The CdLS Foundation logo is unique and memorable. Guidelines are in place to help maintain consistency and coherence in communicating the CdLS Foundation’s identity and personality to all audiences.


Can I use the Foundation name/logo or the organization’s 501(c) 3 if I’m raising money for myself/my family?

No. By utilizing our logo and/or 501(c)3 status, you are misleading donors/potential donors/supporters that they are supporting a nonprofit organization with a tax-deductible donation. If you are fundraising money for yourself/your family, you are not fundraising for a nonprofit, but for personal use. As a nonprofit organization, we are only able to provide donation receipts to donors who donate directly to the organization.

Can I change the color of the logo or leaves in the logo?

The logo color(s) cannot be changed, except for black/grayscale.

What if I want to do a fundraiser and create items to sell with the logo?

We are here to help. Our communications staff is available to work with you to make sure that you have the right files and the use of the logo is correct. Approval of any design incorporating the Foundation logo (e.g., t-shirt, hat, etc.) is required.

What if I want to do use the logo to raise awareness, but I'm not fundraising?

The Foundation logo can be used to create materials and items, as long as its use meets the requirements in the logo policy (see document above) and the user requests permission to use it. Some concepts (t-shirts, jewelry, etc.) will be required to be approved by our volunteer Public Affairs Committee, which is made up of parents of children with CdLS. Rules are in place simply to protect the CdLS Foundation and its supporters. We work with families often to raise awareness utilizing the logo.