Online Learning

The Foundation is launching Web-based self-study modules for professionals from a range of specialties.

Sensory Unit:

This Power Point presentation is a basic overview of “Sensory Processing Disorders.” It can be used as an educational starter or a refresher course for parents, caretakers, teachers, paraprofessionals, and even therapists—in other words, just about anyone involved with a child who is exhibiting sensory-relate behaviors. In it you will find definitions of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and associated terminology, assessment tools that occupational and physical therapists may use to evaluate sensory concerns, the Behavioral Response Continuum (according to Dunn’s Sensory Profile), a review of therapeutic strategies and interventions, and general sensory supports for home and the classroom.

Medical Home Portal: CME available

Instructions: Please read the entire Cornelia de Lange Syndrome diagnosis module. It consists of the following sections: Description, Clinical Assessment, Treatment & Management, FAQs, General Issues, Related Issues, Resources, Services for Patients & Families and Bibliography. You can follow your score as the quiz progresses. Email the Medical Home Portal staff at or via our Feedback to be registered for and receive the link to the CdLS CME quiz. Then answer the 10 quiz questions with 80% or better accuracy to receive an hour of CME credit.