National Family Conference

National Family Conference is a life-enhancing, 4-day event that bonds and strengthens the entire CdLS community. Held every other year, Conference brings together the broad spectrum of our diverse and dynamic community, including individuals with CdLS, their families, caregivers, medical and therapeutic professionals, volunteers and researchers.

Conference 2022

 The Conference will be held in Tulsa, OK from June 23-26.

Be sure to check out all of our information below to get your fundraising plans going!


What to Expect

Attendees have an opportunity to gain knowledge on how to best care for their loved one with CdLS and meet other families facing similar challenges. Individuals with CdLS receive free head-to-toe consultations with experts from a range of health and educational fields.

Not only will attendees be better equipped to face challenges throughout their loved one’s lives, but also leave with a sense of belonging.


Ways to Support Conference

There are many ways you can contribute to the 2022 National Family Conference. YOU can be the hero that provides an extra consultation, supports the sibling programs or help a family attend for the first time.

Personal Fundraising

There are many ways to raise funds for Conference but make sure you choose the best one for you and your family. The CdLS Foundation has created tools for you to prepare for your trip – from a webinar with a seasoned Life Coach and mom of a child with CdLS to a toolkit to help you fundraise. These resources are here to guide and help you succeed.