What type of walker works best that provides comfort and support? Our daughter has flexed arms with limited range of motion. Is there a walker that has been successful with children who have limb differences?

In my experience, I have seen success with several different types of walkers:

– The Rifton gait trainer (with or without platforms for her arms) has a trunk support, and has many options which can be added or removed, depending on the support she needs (including saddle, hip guides, ankle guides, and tray). The down side is the walker is very bulky and somewhat difficult to transport. I’ve included a picture below…refer to

– A standard platform rolling walker has sometimes been successful, depending on the range of motion of the shoulders elbows (without seeing a picture of your child, I do not know if this is a viable option)

– The Pony walker has been successful for some (based on parent report to me), but I myself have not found much success … however, this is not to say it would not work for your daughter.

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Answer Published On: October 17th, 2018 7:51 PM