Receding Gums

Are receding gums a common problem found in children with CdLS? My adult daughter had gingival grafts to treat this problem, but the grafts were not effective. What alternatives are available to treat her gum disease? Also my child’s oral surgeon has suggested we have her wisdom teeth removed. Is this advisable?

It is not an uncommon finding, in children with CdLS, to have receding gums. It is usually the lower front gum area and this is best treated via oral hygiene procedures and gingival grafts. I wish I could say that all grafts are successful, but they are not. A high percentage of them are successful and that is why the procedure is performed on such a wide basis. Unfortunately I am not a periodontist and therefore am not an authority on gingival grafts. I would ask that you consult with a periodontist (gum specialist) in your area for up to date and detailed information regarding the best approaches to gum recession and grafting procedures. Again, it is not odd that a graft might not take, but where we go from here is the main question? Do you perform another similar graft or take another approach? The periodontist will best be able to answer your questions. If there is more than one gum specialist in your area, I suggest you get a couple of opinions. The wisdom teeth can be removed and should be if there is no possibility of them erupting into the mouth. Children with CdLS have extremely small mouths, as you know. Room for wisdom teeth is rarely present. If the oral surgeon that is taking out the wisdom teeth also does gingival grafts, you might combine both procedures to eliminate extra anesthetic experiences. The proper dental specialist, periodontist and/or oral surgeon, will be your best resource for specific treatment information.

RPM/TK 7-13-10

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Answer Published On: October 18th, 2018 2:25 PM