Mouth Odor

The mother of a 12-year old girl has reported symptoms that she feels may be indicative of larger problems and need further evaluation. Her doctor does not agree. The child had been healthy until recently. She began to omit a rotten odor from her mouth/head, her teeth began to darken, and she seemed to be congested with mucus. The child was hospitalized for one week and released after symptoms of congestion and odor seemed to subside. Dental concerns were ruled out and Mom tried to pursue an endoscopy. The Gastroenterologist stated that since the child has had a Nissen and was on Prilosec that she was not able to reflux, therefore an endoscopy would not be necessary. The diagnosis provided during the recent hospital stay was a severe virus causing gastroenteritis. Mom reports that the child is still exhibiting arching. Mom is seeking an endoscopy (or full upper GI) and possibly an ENT evaluation to rule out sinusitis. Is her request for an endoscopy or other further follow up warranted? Is it possible to reflux silently even after a Nissen and while on Prilosec?

You can reflux after a Nissen. You can have esophagitis even on Prilosec. Sinusitis can cause these symptoms also. A follow up GI study is warranted, as well as an ENT evaluation.

CP/TK 7-13-10

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Answer Published On: October 19th, 2018 3:29 PM