Feeding (introducing solid foods)

My child with CdLS is 3 1/2 months old corrected for prematurity. She is on 100% breast milk now, and I’m looking for advice on how and when to go about introducing solids. She has always done well with oral feeding, even at her 32-week gestation birth. In CdLS publications, I’ve read cases of children much older than infancy still on baby formula. Why is this? Does this imply that there are often issues with introducing solids to infants with CdLS? Given her good history with oral feeding, would you recommend I introduce solids in the same way as I would with a typical infant? Or are there special considerations I should take into account?

If your child is feeding normally, I would recommend introducing solids the way you would for other children.  Most pediatricians recommend not starting solids until four to six months of age (often when they start waking up at night again after not having done it for months).  Children with CdLS are often on special formulas if they have feeding problems and difficulty gaining weight.  If there’s no problem with this, don’t worry!  Many children with CdLS eat normally.

If there appear to be issues with textures, spoon use, or swallowing, check with the speech pathologist or occupational therapist.

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Answer Published On: October 18th, 2018 7:21 PM