Car Seat

My child with CdLS cannot hold her head up. She needs to lean back and have her hips at less than a 90 degree angle. At home I use a Tumbleseat feeder but this does not work in the car. In the car I need a seat that she cannot twist out of.

I have a few suggestions, but I cannot think of one supportive seating system that will work for everything you are looking for. I would try the Britax Wizard car seat (available through as it does recline.

If you are interested in a seating system that reclines that can be used with a separate stroller base as well as a floor case (for play, feeding, etc.) consider: MSS Tilt and Recline, Panda Stroller and Base, or KidKart Stroller and Base. In the US, we order these items through a vendor, not directly from the company, so I would ask your child’s therapist to assist you.

We send our pediatric patients to a rehab doctor to get fitted for the appropriate seat. You can get fitted for wheelchairs that have straps like a car seat and headrests with or without straps to keep the head in correct position. There are also lightweight foam covered rubber seats with straps which allow a child to be carried around in an upright position.

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Answer Published On: October 18th, 2018 8:36 PM