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Professional Education

Professional Education

The Foundation is a primary resource for professionals working in the fields of medicine, education, therapy, and others.

Materials addressing common issues and challenges related to CdLS are available at no cost to professionals. Additionally, professionals can call and speak with one of our Family Service Coordinators or use our Ask the Expert form. The Foundation also offers special programs for professionals:

Diagnostic Criteria Checklist

Diagnostic criteria for CdLS were created by the CdLS Foundation’s Medical Director Antonie Kline, M.D., in collaboration with members of the Clinical Advisory Board of the CdLS Foundation and the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World CdLS Federation.

If molecular testing has identified a mutation in one of the associated genes, the individual has CdLS. Otherwise, clinical findings should meet facial criteria, as well as criteria for two to three of six other system categories. At least one of the involved systems should be in the areas of growth, development or behavior. If these criteria are met, then the individual is diagnosed clinically with CdLS.

The diagnostic checklist was developed to assist practitioners in diagnosing CdLS.

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Since 2004, the Foundation has sponsored a daylong Scientific Symposium in conjunction with its biennial national family conference. Attendees include physicians in various clinical disciplines, clinical/molecular geneticists, genetic counselors, and research scientists. In 2010, an Educational Symposium was added, offering teachers and allied health workers an opportunity to learn more about CdLS and how it applies to their professions.

Continuing Medical Education credits and Continuing Education Units are available.


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If you are a professional and would like to learn more, go to the For Professionals of our Web site.