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Awareness of CdLS

CdLS Advocacy and Awareness

In order to raise awareness in your hometown and in the medical community, we rely on the volunteer efforts of the families we serve to help us spread the word. Now, we’re hoping to increase education in neighborhoods, schools and the medical community by reaching out to local schools, organizations, hospitals and medical offices.

You can use the following letter as a customizable template, which you can then send to hospital employees in charge of community relations, hospital education/training programs, or public relations departments. Reaching out to these employees, you can let them know the importance of educating their staff to learn more about CdLS.

Letter to community outreach coordinator at hospital

Click the link below to request your advocacy packet, which will include a USB with a Powerpoint presentation you can go through with hospital/medical staff, as well as our awareness video. You’ll also receive various printed marketing materials available from the Foundation to share at your presentation.

Request your advocacy packet USB

In our CdLS Media Room you’ll find Foundation press releases, links to CdLS-related print and broadcast news coverage, and our online press kit, which contains downloadable images/materials and basic facts about CdLS for use by the media, students and others.

CdLS Media Room


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