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Raise CdLS Awareness

Raise Awareness of CdLS

There are many different ways to raise awareness of CdLS in your community. If you need materials or have an idea, email us or call 800.753.2357.​


Below, volunteers share some of their ideas. We hope they inspire you to take steps to let others know about CdLS.

  1. Go to your local library and ask if you can place CdLS bookmarks on the checkout counter.
  2. Wear a CdLS t-shirt while working out at the gym. Leave a Reaching Out in the magazine rack for other members to read.

    “I carry the "Facts" brochure around with me all the time. When I catch someone staring at Andrew I approach them with the brochure. I say something like, "I noticed you admiring my cute little boy," and tell them that this brochure will tell them a little about him, and if they have questions they can feel free to ask me.” —Beth P.
  3. Have a bake sale and put a CdLS sticker on each wrapped item.
  4. Submit a Public Service Announcement for your awareness activity. Contact your local newspaper and TV/radio station to see if they accept PSAs. If they do, contact for help with next steps.
  5. Post a CdLS flier on the community bulletin board at your grocery stores or post office.
  6. Stand in the audience of a live morning news show in New York City and hold a CdLS poster or handmade sign/banner.
  7. Display CdLS materials at your summer yard sale.
  8. Create a CdLS postage stamp at www.Stamps.com or www.Zazzle.com.
  9. Include a CdLS message and the web site address on your email signature.

    “I really like the CdLS post-it notes with the web site address. You can give one to a person, or have them spread awareness by giving them an entire pad of 25.”
    —Julie G.
  10. Include a bookmark when mailing cards or personal letters to family and friends.
  11. Set up a CdLS booth at community events and fairs. The Foundation can provide all the materials.
  12. Offer to speak about CdLS at a monthly meeting of your local Rotary or county/city medical association. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of community organizations you can reach out to.
  13. Do a presentation at a local school, Rotary Club or other community group. Presentations are easy with the CdLS video, our basic PowerPoint presentation and other materials.To request a Powerpoint presentation,

    “The stickers are nice to hand out to elementary age kids. They like stickers and their parents can look up info about CdLS.”
    —Rhonda M.
  14. Place a CdLS flier or brochure display in your doctor's office.
    Put a few copies of Reaching Out in the waiting room.
  15. When traveling by train, bus or plane, leave a brochure or bookmark in the seat pocket in front of you.
  16. Place a CdLS brochure display at your workstation.
    It's a great way to educate your colleagues.
  17. Put a CdLS sticker on your outgoing mail. Make your own or request some from the Foundation.

    “We put a sticker on everything we carried around with Maura, and even though they are small, people noticed them.”
    —Carolyn A.
  18. Create a CdLS "bouquet" for your child's teacher or health provider using a balloon or a floral bouquet with some CdLS stickers, brochures and bookmarks.
  19. Put a photo of your child on your return address labels.
  20. Hand out CdLS tattoos to children at Halloween, birthday parties, and other kid events.

Are you ready to raise awareness about CdLS? 
and we'll send you materials to share in your community.