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Grandparents Tea

Grandparents Tea

Share a cup of hope with others.

Whether you live down the street or across the country from your grandchild with CdLS, you can make a difference in his or her life, and the lives of all children with CdLS, by participating in the CdLS Foundation's Grandparents Tea.

On September 7th, national Grandparent's Day, honor your grandchild by hosting a Grandparents Tea. No cookies to bake or linens to launder. This "virtual" event simply requires a cup and some hot water. Enjoy this special tea with friends near and far who fill their cups in your grandchild's honor.

Simply contact the CdLS Foundation to request your Grandparents Tea Kit, complete with teabags and all the materials you need to ask 10 treasured friends ( they need not be grandparents) to enjoy a cup of tea in their own home in honor of your grandchild.

Teabags, envelopes and RSVP cards are included. Celebrate the day in honor of your grandchild. Request a free Grandparents Tea kit by completing the form below.

View A Sample Of A Grandparents Tea Kit!

The kit includes:

  • 10 invitations to send to friends
  • 10 teabags with brewing instructions
  • 10 CdLS information sheets
  • 10 mailing envelopes
  • 10 RSVP reply cards and envelopes
Questions? Call 800-753-2357 or email

Ready to share a cup of hope with others?

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