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Cornelia's Garden

Cornelia's Garden

Imagine a garden of wildflowers, representing the hope the CdLS Foundation provides children with CdLS.

You can help spread that hope by asking your friends and family to plant their own wildflower gardens each spring to support the CdLS Foundation.

How does this work?

Simply contact the CdLS Foundation to request your Cornelia’s Garden kit, complete with seeds and the materials you need to ask 10 people to plant wildflowers in honor of a child with CdLS. They will be rewarded not just by the beauty of the flowers, but also by knowing they helped a child with CdLS grow and bloom.

View A Sample Of A Wildflower Kit!

The kit includes:

  • 10 invitations to plant a wildflower garden.
  • 10 packets of wildflower seeds with planting instructions
  • 10 mailing envelopes
  • 10 reply cards/envelopes
  • 10 thank you notes
Questions? Call 800-753-2357 or email

Ready to plant hope for CdLS?

Request your Cornelia's Garden Kit
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